When we say Superior Tech, what we really mean is Lloyd. Lloyd Fehr is from Swift Current and he’s been a car and computer guy all his life. Starting with breaking things in his dad’s shop (Superior Engine Repair) and moving up to fixing them.

Vehicle electronics, in particular, are his area of expertise. Installing remote starters, troubleshooting instrumentation clusters and even converting his project car to be fully electric… these are some of the car related electronics he’s tackled. Recently he’s also started expanding into vehicle keys and fobs.

When not breaking fixing things, Lloyd is involved with the local Repair Café, an initiative to reduce waste by repairing items rather than tossing them, and grassroots efforts to promote electric vehicles and more sustainable transportation options.

Lloyd In the News

  • The 2019 Summer Games are Coming – a little bit about the event in Swift Current and Lloyd’s involvement as one of the directors
  • Scouts and JOTA – the 2018 Jamboree on the Air where Lloyd helped local Scouts make contacts all around the world.
  • Repair Cafe Reduces Waste – volunteering at the Repair Cafe, fixing electronics and electrical items so that they stay out of the landfill and continue being used.
  • Solving Mysteries – combining the background in automotive electrics and amateur radio lead to figuring out what the culprit was in this mystery.