Remote Car Starters

Let’s face it. Winter on the prairies is probably not why you live here. Any help is appreciated. Your remote starter is a bit of luxury on those cold mornings, letting you start the car up from your kitchen where you’re still toasty.

Superior Tech offers more than 20 years of experience installing remote car starters. We carry the Compustar line, a good quality, reliable and modular system. Our entry level system includes a 4 button remote and a range of more than a 1000′. We have several types of fobs with 2 way feedback including a slim one with an LED blink back. There are options for the longer ranges you’ll need when you’re several blocks from your vehicle and the entry level module can easily be upgraded if your needs change.

Need a battery? Stop by and we’ll check your fob and pop a new one in for $5 a battery. If your remote starter isn’t working quite right, we can help you with that too.

Our Products



Factory Integration

  • turn your existing factory fob into a 1-Way remote starter
  • range limited to factory range
$425, tax inc.


  • Start / Stop
  • up to 2000′ range
  • includes 1 4-button remote
$550, tax inc.


  • Start / Stop
  • up to 3000′ range
  • LED run time indicator & feedback
  • pick from several slim designs
$750, tax inc.


  • make your smartphone into a remote starter
  • lets you track your vehicle
  • can set up multiple users in the app
  • works wherever you have cell coverage
  • includes first year subscription
$750, tax inc.

2 Way

  • Start / Stop
  • up to 5000′ range
  • runtime indicator & feedback display on screen
  • USB chargeable
  • includes 1 4-button 2-way remote
$850, tax inc.


  • European & Special Vehicles$250
  • Standard Transmission$200
  • Trunk Release$60
  • Door Locks (some vehicles) – $60
  • Alarm Bypass (if required) – $60
  • Install Other Brands (may require other modules) – $250
  • Security Module$185

* all prices are PST & GST included.